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The Wardales travelled by car and continued after with an extended holiday. The others flew from Leeds/Bradford, leaving behind cold, wet and windy weather,  - arriving in cold, wet and windy weather.


However, they were made most welcome by their hosts, President Pierrette and her team from The Rotary Club of Aubusson. They were joined by a group of eight Rotarians and their partners from The Rotary Club of Erlangen.


International Visit to Limoges      May 9 - 12  2013

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A party comprising of  John & Ros Wardale, Mike & Bar Saville, Adrian Radford, Ron Robb and

Nigel & Diana Naish travelled to Limoges on Thursday 9 May.

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(Thanks to Nigel Naish for providing this report, and to Mike Saville for the visit photos)

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House wall painting, Limoges

Cathedral, Limoges

Butcher's Market, Limoges

Meeting of Presidents from Aubisson, Erlangen, York

and other French Rotary Clubs

Three Presidents enjoy a joke

Three Presidents- Pierette, Juergen and Nigel

English weather in France!

Mode of transport!

Luggage, homeward-bound

Visit to Limoges May 2013

For the next two days they were taken on tours around the city of Limoges, visiting the ancient streets, the Butchers quarter, the National Porcelain Museum, a porcelain factory, the cathedral, and other medieval churches, A highlight was a visit to the exhibition centre of The Compagnonnage de France, a permanent display of many different crafts by this Guild of Journeymen.



A bus trip into the rolling Limousin countryside took everyone to a working paper mill and the picturesque town of St Leonard de Noblat. To prevent complete exhaustion setting in their hosts wined and dined them at regular intervals, as only the French can. This included lunch in the buffet at the splendid Art Deco railway station on the Saturday where they were joined by Rotarians from the Limoges and Lourdes clubs.



There was plenty of laughter and great fellowship, with best wishes relayed back to York, especially to President Darrell and Val who had been unable to make the trip. Finally there were promises to meet up again next year, in Stratford upon Avon.



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