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The York Club has been twinned with Erlangen since 1984 and with Aubusson since 1988 with meetings taking place in each of the countries in turn on a bi-annual basis, creating many long standing friendships.  The party were welcomed to York at a Reception at the Novotel by President Brian Joscelyne, Nigel Naish, Chair of the Club’s International Team and members of the Club.


Two full days of visits, excellent fellowship and good dining followed!!


International Partner Clubs Visit York     May 10-13  2018

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The following day, the party took a tour of the North York Moors and across to Whitby.   Travellinig by coach to Whitby, with the driver skilfully negotiating tricky road works in the centre of the town, the group disembarked at Whitby Abbey, and were met by a "Story-Teller Guide" who enthralled the party with tales of mystery, intrigue and history as we descended 199 steps down into the town, stopping at the harbour (for tales of Bram Stoker and Dracula) and an original coaching inn.  A Fish Lunch was then taken at the newly opened Star Inn the Harbour opposite Whitby station.






























































































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The Club welcomed 28 visitors from the Erlangen Rotary Club in Germany, led by their President Andreas Knorr

and one visitor, Bert Gietelink, from the Aubusson Rotary Club in France,

 to York on Thursday May 10th 2018.

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A visit to Jorvik Centre in the morning gave our visitors a chance to experience the newly renovated museum with its seated "car" tour of the recreation of the Viking city of 1000 years ago.

































Following the Rotary Lunch at the Novotel, our guests had "free time" in the afternoon, before we assembled again for a Cruise on the River Ouse. Following the Cruise, we went on to an Italian Supper at the Olive Tree Restaurant






























Following the Cruise,  on to an Italian Supper at the Olive Tree Restaurant


Friday 10th May

Saturday 11th May

in Coppergate and visiting Jorvik Centre

Rotary Lunch at the Novotel


Visiting Whitby

Train trip on the North York Moors Railway

Auf Wiedersehen.....

Au Revoir.....

France-flag_1250707622 germany

Italian Supper at the Olive Tree

May 2013 visit to Limoges May 2012 visit to Erlangen

May 2018 Clubs visit York

May 2014 visit to Stratford June 2015 visit to Leipzig May 2016 visit to Clermont-Ferrand IMG_8023 (Custom) IMG_8026 (Custom) IMG_8028 (Custom) IMG_8029 (Custom) IMG_8031 (Custom) IMG_8038 (Custom) IMG_8039 (Custom) IMG_8043 (Custom) IMG_8047 (Custom) IMG_8052 (Custom) IMG_8053 (Custom) IMG_8056 (Custom) IMG_8057 (Custom) IMG_8059 (Custom) IMG_8061 (Custom) IMG_8063 (Custom) IMG_8065 (Custom) IMG_8067 (Custom)

Evening Cruise along the Ouse,  from Kings Staith

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Lunch at The Star Inn the Harbour,  Whitby

The visit concluded with a delicious Gala Dinner in the splendid setting of the Dante Suite at York Racecourse.

The whole visit was blessed with wonderful hot sunny weather, enabling York to be shown-off at its best.  It also renewed the strong bonds between the members of three Clubs.  All too soon the visit came to an end with our visitors returning home on the Sunday, but with lasting memories of the old friendships which had been renewed and the many new ones created.   We are looking forward to a visit to Coburg, Germany in 2020!



After lunch, a train journey from Whitby to Pickering on the North York Moors Railway, with steam engine "Repton" heading the train, was the clumination of the day's excursion which was thoroughly enjoyed by all

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Geoff and Edna Brown (r) celebrated their 64th Wedding Anniversary

at the Gala Dinner and supplied champagne for all!!

June 2011 visit to York

Jürgen Vetter with Bert Gietelink

With our guide outside Jorvik Centre

(l-r) Bert Gietelink, Secretary Mike,

                   President Brian, Präsident Andreas

Gathering on King's Staith prior to boarding the boat

Listening to our "Whitby Story-Teller" on the headland above Whitby

Descending the 199 steps into Whitby

Wilfried enjoying his beer at the Star Inn

Diana & Nigel Naish with Sonja & Kalus Bättchen

Horst-Rolf & Dagmar Lindenbeck

Steffen Stremme beside "Repton"

Helen Porter (c) with Cornelia & Wilfried


Pat & Graham Wilford, Mike Wilson, Klaus Bättchen

Andreas Knorr and Bert Gietelink compare notes

Celia Impey, Janice Helby, David Impey, Anne Jesper

Horst-Rolf & Dagmar Lindenbeck with Sheila Weatherburn

TopTable: Diana Naish, Bert Gietelink, Trish Joscelyne, President Brian, Präsident Andreas, Patrizia Knorr, Nigel Naish, Gill Tarbet  (& Ian Tarbet took the photo!)

Eckhart & Ursula Hahn, Thorsten Maul, P-E Ian Helby

Graham Wilford, Thorsten Maul, John Lacy

Gala Dinner at York Racecourse

Patrizia Knorr with Dagmar Lindenbeck

Cornelia Gschneidinger

greets Josie Rich

Siegfried Balleis, Johannes & Sieglinde Wilkes

(front) Ian Helby, Bert Gietelink, Eva & Albrecht Winnacker

(front) Fritzie & Steffen Stremme, Hansjörg Bosch

(l-r) Ian Helby, Albrecht Winnaker, Heinz Gerhäuser, Dagmar Lindenbeck

Gathering in Coppergate

International Ladies' Table!

Hansjörg Bosch carefully leads the

way down the 199 steps

Whitby Story-Teller Rose Rylands

Whitby "White Horse and Griffin"

Coaching House dates from 1681