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Young Adult Carers On January 3rd our first speaker of 2020 was a return visit by Jess Tomori from York Carers Centre, who spoke to us a couple of years ago on Child Cares in York. She now looks after the needs of Young Adult Carers. WJess told us there are an estimated 1000+ carers aged between 16 & 25 looking after, in the main, parents unable to fend for themselves; and of these only 150 coming forward to them for help and advice at a time when they struggle with growing up, social development and college or work pressures. Not surprisingly 45%+ of those known suffer their own mental stress needs. Jess thanked us for our most recent donation of £1000, enabling her to take on a part-time helper in their developing 1 to 1 mentoring sessions, which give these vulnerable stressed out young people time to talk confidentially  and hopefully get a sense of perspective and order back into their daily routines. Sometimes, she says, they just need space to talk as no one else seems to listen.


Update from Age UK York Mary reports... Bev Ward from Age UK York was our speaker on January 10th.  Bev gave a very passionate talk, straight from her heart, about the wide variety of activities Age UK York offer to its older citizens. Bev works in a small office, formally the flower room, at York Hospital and co-ordinates the ‘Home from Hospital’ scheme. Patients who have no support at home are referred to Bev’s team at the point of discharge from A & E and/or Wards.  The team provides transport home and ensures the person is warm, has food and is comfortable and safe before leaving. They often liaise with Carers, family members and Social Services and will never leave the person at home if they assess he/she to be at further risk. Bev stated that they try to avoid returning the person to hospital wherever possible, but this does happen. Members were very impressed with the work undertaken by Bev’s team.  York Rotary has supported the ‘Home from Hospital’ scheme through three years of Community Service Funding, and were partners with York Rotary raising funds through last year's Ukelele concert; and all agree it is money well spent.



Dream Holidays Steve Barker reports... On January 17th it was lovely to meet Amy Trippendale-Johnson and her husband Glen, from Dream Holidays who are granting holidays and wishes for children with cystic fibrosis. Only 5 people are running these holidays for families; they are not means tested and are from all over the UK .All the families are referred to by their hospital consultant or CF nurse or their social worker.The sheer volume of referrals that Dream Holidays receives on a weekly basis shows that there is a need for the work they do. Cystic fibrosis is a common hereditary disease which must be very devastating for these families. Dream Holidays began operating in 1993 and since has managed to raise nearly 4 million pounds and have sent away 2000 families.

Bev Ward 2 Amy TJ Bev Ward 1 Amy TJ 2

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York Finals of Rotary Young Chef Hazel reports... After circulating information to all York secondary schools, we received entries from thirty-eight students, representing four schools, wishing to take part in this year’s Rotary Young Chef Competition.  Unfortunately, one school had to withdraw after the first heat.  Six students went on to compete in the York finals, held at York College in late January.  Again, the standard was high, with students demonstrating good skills to produce a two-course, healthy meal inside ninety minutes, with a budget of £15.  All the students were to be commended but the winner was thirteen year old Frances Cockburn of Millthorpe School, with Henry Sorrell, representing Fulford School the runner-up. With our best wishes, Frances now goes forward to the District finals, to be held at Betty’s Cookery School, Harrogate.  Watch this space!


How many bridges? On January 23rd sixteen Rotarians and partners enjoyed our monthly walk - this time with a difference.  The challenge from Steve Burton was to follow him around the streets of York and count how many bridges we either walked under or walked over.   There was some dispute about the rules of this as they applied to footbridges, archways and so on,  but the consensus in the end was that we had traversed 21 bridges, on a 6-mile walk that went as far afield as Clifton, Water End, Bootham, York Hospital, Foss Island, various Ouse river bridges, and the Blue Bridge, before returning to the Star Inn the City where we all enjoyed a delicious lunch whilst debating what exactly constituted a bridge.   But we are all much wiser  now, and it was interesting to see sights on foot that we normally either flash past in a car, or ignore altogether.  Thanks to Steve for a very interesting diversion from our normal country walks.  And to Dave T for his interesting and fabulous panoramic shots en route (below)!

Y Chef Feb 2020

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Young_chef Jan walk 3 Jan walk 2 Jan walk 1 Jan walk 6 Jan walk 7 Jan walk 8 Jan walk 9

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The Immortal Memory  Frank reports... 47 members and friends met at Pikehill Golf Club on February 1st for the club’s biennial celebration of the birth of Robert Burns. Pipe Major Jim Sharpe piped the company in to feast on  a traditional Burns  supper  of cock a leekie soup, haggis chappit neeps and tatties, venison pie and cranachan. The address to the haggis was delivered in the Scots dialect by Frank Paterson but translated verse by verse into tongue in cheek ,impeccable  English, by David Jesper. Alison Paton , President elect of the St Andrew Society of York,  proposed the toast to the Immortal  Memory of Robert Burns after her delivery  in theatrical style  of Burn’s epic poem,  Tam O’Shanter.  A tale of Tam’s overindulgence,   leading to his encounter and escape from a  chase by witches  but with  the loss of his good horse Megs tail. Stephen Wilkinson gave an appropriate and amusing toast to the Lasses and Christine responded with a toast to the Laddies  - making the most of having the last word. Mike Hay, accompanied on the key board by Ros, delighted us with three contrasting Burns songs  followed by some spirited singing by the company of a dozen well known Scottish songs finishing ,of course , with Burns universally  known song  Auld Lang Syne. Thanks to David Impey for organising the evening and his undertaking  to match it with a St Georges dinner next year.


2020 Burns night 5 2020 Burns night 3 IMG_20200202_212055 2020 Burns night 2

Brunswick Nursery  David Impey reports...  On February 7th our Speaker was Lauren Webb, Director of Brunswick Organic Nursery. She was ably assisted by two of the staff, David and Jack. Lauren gave a brief outline of the history of the Nursery. It opened 28 years ago on and overgrown site on the outskirts of Bishopthorpe. It was run by 5 volunteers and was initially a small garden centre where youngsters with learning difficulties could work in a safe and rewarding environment. It has grown from that small beginning to an organisation that now has 40 paid staff and over 100 volunteers and provides opportunities for over 70 workers with learning difficulties.  It has expanded its gardening side to a large organic nursery producing a wide range of vegetables and plants; and undertakes contract gardening work on sites around York. Brunswick has ben linked with York Rotary for quite some time. In 2005 it was one of our Dragon Boat Charities. This year Eileen and Jan were successful in making a bid for Rotary District 1040 funding for Brunswick. The money will be used to produce better signage to advertise their expanding programme of work.



This photo at Brunswick Nursery was taken in December 2017 when PP Brian Joscelyne and Community Services chair Keith Hayton visited to present a cheque to their staff.


Brunswick presentation Dec 2017

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Polio eradication in Action  Mike F reports...    Rotary has been playing a leading role in the fight to eradicate the scourge of polio for over thirty years, thereby hoping to make it the second human disease - (after smallpox) - to be eliminated from the world - and with great success. India with its vast population and proximity to both Pakistan and Afghanistan poses a particular logistical challenge every year in ensuring all children receive their two drops of vaccine. Rotarian Paul Harvey and his wife Pat have made the eradication of polio a focus for their service. They have both been to India on many occasions to take part in the annual Vaccination Day - (usually being sent to one of the more difficult and less salubrious areas!) On February 14th Paul and Pat illustrated their work with fascinating and informative images they shared of their most recent work in India.What they showed and talked about gave a very clear image of the effort that this undertaking requires. In recognition of their efforts Paul and Pat have both been made Paul Harris Fellows and Paul acknowledged with a RI/WHO Service Award for Polio Free World.

Mud, Mud, Glorious mud..  Mike H reports...   Despite dire warnings of torrential rain, on February 20th sixteen intrepid rotarians assembled in the car park of the Drovers Arms in Skipwith to explore the delights of Skipwith Common with a walk of just over 5 miles led by Mike and Ros. However, with the exception of a 10 minute deluge, the rain  varied between light and moderate, and we had all taken the precaution of good wet-weather gear, so “our blood was not cooled”.  The  company was excellent and the two and a half hours seemed to pass in a very pleasant, if rather damp, flash!  The common was the base during the Second World War of RAF  Riccall  airfield (mainly used for bomber training), and a fair amount of military archeology was evident, including former bomb storage areas, runways and an old propellor. We had time to visit Skipwith Parish Church (St Helen’s), admire the pre-Norman tower. An excellent meal (Graham clearly enjoyed the mussels!) at the pub ended a damp but most enjoyable morning.

Pigs May Fly?  YES!  It was Quiz Night at the Stockton-on-Forest VIllage Hall on February 20th, as over 110 Rotarians, partners and friends gathered to enjoy a quiz and supper evening in aid of Ebenezer School in Zambia, where we are supporting their efforts to build a piggery at the Children's Farm.  As superb evening, judged by the enthusiasm and laughter, as the 19 teams battled it out with fieldish questions coming at us from quiz master Frank.  Diana and her extensive team of helpers ran the kitchen, a well-stocked bar, and served the food - a wonderful pork casserole, of course -  in between rounds of quizzing.  It was a tight contest, as teams watched Mary's "magic computer display" to see how they were faring during the 6 rounds played.   In the end the team led by webmaster Brian took the prize (how, I will never know!) and President Ian's team took top honours for the lowest score! Huge thanks are due to Mary and Sheila who put the whole evening together, supported by others on the fundraising team other helpers on the night - especially Frank. It was a lot of work, but in the end everyone left with a smile and memories of a really fun evening. Great to see lots of non-Rotarians joiing us, including 14 Friends of York Rotary. Definitely the way to raise funds while having fun,  in true Rotary style!  The evening raised a total of £2100 (tbc) for the Ebenezer piggery.


Paul Harvey 1 Paul Harvey 2 Paul Harvey 3

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Feb walk 6 Feb walk 5 Feb walk 8 Feb walk 3 Feb walk 9 Feb walk 4 Quiz Night 8 Quiz Night 2 Quiz Night 3 Quiz Night 4 Quiz Night 6 Quiz Night 1

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