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Rotary Club of York is one of the three Sponsoring Clubs, with York Ainsty 

and York Vikings, of the York Rotaract Club for 18-30 year olds.


York Rotaract Club was formed in March 2010 and gained

their Charter in September 2010

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York Rotaract Charter Night



The Rotaract Club's first Charter Night Dinner was held on Friday February 25th 2011 at the Hilton Hotel, York - a great evening with over 65 Rotaractors, friends and supporting Rotarians present.  Guest of honour was District Governor Elect Willie Clark.


The three other District Rotaract Clubs (Skipton, Cleckheaton and Leeds) were represented, and also York Young Professionals and the GSE team


A great night was had by all!  Here are some of the memories...


New President at York Rotaract


On Sunday June 19th 2011 the Rotaract Club held a dinner to mark the transition from its first President, Dario Palumbo, to the incoming 2011-12 President Aiste Rugeviciute.  Martins Zeps becomes Vice President (President Elect for 2012-13). The dinner was held at the Biltmore Restaurant in York  and the event was much enjoyed by Rotaract committee members and Rotarian guests alike.

Brian Joscelyne represented our Club.


York Rotaract's 2nd Charter Dinner  


On Friday February 28th 2012 the Rotaract Club held their second Charter Night dinner at Bedern Hall, York.  


A very enjoyable evening was shared with Rotarians and partners from our own Club, York Ainsty and York Vikings, and other guests including Rotaract's Immediate Past President Dario Polumbo.


Congratulations to the Rotaract Club for their success so far and their inspiring plans for the future.


President's Handover Dinner 2012


On Friday June 1st 2012 the Rotaract Club held their President's Handover dinner at the 31 Castlegate Restaurant in York.  


Outgoing President Aiste Rugeviciute handed over the baton to Martins Zeps, who will become the Rotaract Club's third president; whilst Giovanni Tarabocchia was inducted as President Elect (2013-14)


Tributes were paid to Aiste's leadership over the past year, when the Club added new members, ran a focussed fundraising effort on behalf of SASH (Safe and Sound Homes, York), organised a wide range of fun social activities, and organised team-building and professional development workshops for the Committee and the whole membership. Great job!


Egyptian Dinner at York Rotaract


On Sunday January 20th 2013 the Rotaract Club put on a special "Egyptian Dinner" organised by member Jenny Michel, who is from Egypt.  She prepared and presented a splendid array of dishes, a total of 10 in all, giving everyone a broad taste of genuine Egyptian cuisine - and very delicious it was too!!  Congratulations, Jenny!  About 40 people attended, including many members of all three Rotary clubs in York.  It was another example of the enterprise and enthusiasm that exists in the Rotaract club and we look forward to similar events in future!


York Rotaract's 3rd Charter Dinner


The York Rotaract Club celebrated their third Charter Night on February 22nd 2013 with a lavish dinner at the historic Grays Court Hotel and Restaurant.


Around 30 attended, including representatives from our own and Aisty Clubs, and Leeds Rotaract Club. Rotaract President Martins Zeps gave an upbeat assessment of the Club's progress this year.


Also present at the lively dinner were Past President Aiste Rugeviciute who travelled up from London for the occasion, and next year's President Alisei Apollonio.  


The dynamism and positive attitude of the Rotaractors was clear, and the future of the Club seems in very good hands!


Presidential Handover at Rotaract


At a meeting on the University of York campus on Friday May 17th 2013 the Rotaract Club marked the transition from its third President, Martins Zeps, to the incoming 2013-14 President Alisei Apollonio.  Constantin Voll becomes Vice President (President Elect for 2014-15). The new secretary for the Club will be Katy Lemondzhava. It is good to see continuity established in this very successful Club.

Frank Paterson represented our Club at the meeting.

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2014 Club Meetings


York Rotaract Club meetings kicked off in 2014 with a presentation by Rebecca Mendoza, who had been a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and related her experiences around the world through Rotary.


A later meeting, closer to Christmas, was also attended by Brian Joscelyne representing our own Club.




Rotaract 2014 Christmas Dinner


The Club's Christmas Dinner was held on Monday 24th November, where President Constantin led a discussion about the Club's planned events, fundraising and proposals for joint activities with other District and local Rotaract Clubs.

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York Rotaract celebrates 5 years!


The York Rotaract Club celebrated it's fifth birthday on February 25th 2015 at its Charter Night Dinner at the Hilton Hotel, York


Over 30 attended, including representatives from our own and Aisty Clubs, and District Rotaract Chair, Rtn Tony Jordan.  


Rotaract President Constantin Voll welcomed everyone and introduced our own President John Lacy, and York Ainsty President Christine True, who both spoke about their enthusiasm for the Rotaract movement and its success in York this year.


A lively raffle draw took place, and animated conversation between Rotaractors and their Rotarian guests filled the evening.  


Congratulations to Constantin and his team for a memorable evening, with lots of positive energy and fun!

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York Rotaract awarded R.I. Presidential Citation


On June 19th 2015,  a special presentation was made by District Governor Rod Walmsley, to the York Rotaract Club, who were represented by their President Constantin Voll and three other 2015-16 officers of their Club who attended as our guests.  


The award, a Presidential Citation signed by RI President Gary C.K. Huang, was to recognise the work that Constantin and his team has put in this year to revitalise and expand the Rotaract Club, their fundraising efforts, personal development activities, and developing their links with our own and other York Rotary Clubs.


Rotaract citation 1 Rotaract citation 2 Rotaract citation 3 citation 5 citation 4



6th Charter Night Dinner


Twenty Club members and partners attended the York Rotaract Club’s Charter Night Dinner on February 24th 2016.  


The Rotaract Club is celebrating 6 years and a positive atmosphere and lively conversation were the order of the night.  


As well as local Rotarians,  other guests were District Governor-Elect Phil Poole, newly-appointed RIBI National Rotaract committee chair Tony Jordan, and District Rotaract Chair Neil Thomas.  


With an extensive raffle, there was (almost) something for everyone,  and the organisers, Rotaract President Nina and Treasurer Taut are to be congratulated on a well organised and highly enjoyable event.


Rotaract charter 1 Rotaract charter 2 Rotaract charter 3 Rotaract charter 4 Rotaract charter 5 Rotaract charter 6 Rotaract charter 7 Rotaract charter 8