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2013 race - photo courtesy of  Lewis Outing LRPS

Photos of the 2014 Dragon Boat event can be seen here...

How to Register for the Technology Tournament

The Rotary Clubs of York Technology Tournament


Early registration  is recommended, as there is sometimes a waiting list!


Your completed registration form should be submitted electronically, before February 7th 2020,  and will be accepted on a first come first served basis.  Postal applications can not be accepted.



Your Registration will be acknowledged on this website, and by email,  immediately after you submit it, and you will then be contacted by a member of the Rotary organising team.





If you have any questions regarding the Technology Tournament event, please contact us as follows:



General enquiries, please email:




Enquiries about your registration:

Health and Safety

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We hope to be able to publish details of the 2021 Technology Tournament event, and a Registration Form, in the autumn of 2020