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York Rotary Tree Planting Partnership

York Rotary Family Tree Partnership

Over 100 parents and families joined us at the family picnic held at the tree planting site on Haxby Road on June 2nd.  As well as enjoying their picnic in the beautiful green environment of the site, they helped give the tree saplings a little "TLC" by clearing some of the surrounding grass in the immediate area of the trees.


A plaque describing the project and thanking our partners and others who helped make it happen, was unveiled by Cllr Keith Orrell, 2018-19 Lord Mayor of York, who had initiated the project for us in June 2018 by planting the first tree.


Over 1250 trees have now been planted on the site,  and the project continues until the end of 2019, celebrating the birth of York area's babies in this unique way.


Thank you to all who came and made it such a sociable and enjoyable community event..  please enjoy the memories   (click to enlarge any photo).


We hope to run a similar event in June 2020 

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family picnic photographs


Sunday June 2nd 2019

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