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Our partners

This project is a partnership led by, and administered by, York Rotary.  


It offered to plant a tree at no cost to the parents of every child born in York in 2018/19.  Over 1,100 have been registered. 


See also photos of our family picnic for parents and families on June 2, 2019!





Please send any questions about this Partnership to The Rotary Club of York    trees@yorkrotary.co.uk

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City of York

Register Office

York Rotary Family Tree Planting Partnership

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Rotary International President Ian Riseley recently stated  that protecting the environment and curbing climate change are essential in supporting to Rotary’s goal of sustainable service and our commitment to communities


In the UK, Rotary committed to planting 47,000 trees in 2018/19  as a lasting benefit to the environment


In York,  our project was to offer parents of all babies born in York in 2018-19 the chance to have a tree planted (first planting was in November 2018) and maintained (at no cost) locally, in commemoration of their baby's birth


Note:  The trees are not specifically identifiable with your baby's name and will not be "labelled"

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The first site for planting is on the Haxby Road, just North of  the York St John University Sports Park Grounds (East side of the road). The site includes the path that runs from Haxby Road east to Huntington Road


The first planting took place on 28th and 29th

November 2018.


A second planting took place on March 27th

2019 (see report below)


In total, 1260 saplings have been planted,

a mixture of native broadland species

including oak, birch, hawthorn and hazel. 

The Partnership Co-ordinator and other Rotarians recently visited the site

Click images to enlarge

vertical trees Nov 28 planting 9 how-to-plant-option Nov 28 planting 3 Nov 28 planting 1 Nov 28 planting 11 Nov 28 planting 8

The planting was overseen by Derek Utley, from the Woodland Trust (who supplied the saplings) and was carried out by a team of Rotarians from the Rotary Club of York, and a large team of volunteers from Portakabin and from Beneden Healthcare, organised through York Cares.


We are extremely grateful to our volunteers, to Megan Hale an all at York Cares who helped, to York St John University and of course all  our partners in this project.

Nov 28 planting 2 how-to-plant-option

Visiting the site?

Parents of the babies registered under this programme,  and indeed anyone else,  are welcome to visit the site to see the trees (saplings) planted in their names


(please note;  trees / saplings are not individually labelled for each baby,  

but a register of babies is maintained on this website)


Pedestrian access to the site on the east side of Haxby Road is a few hundred yards north of the University St John  Sports Park Ground,  and if you are visiting by car, please use the car park on the Sports Ground then walk northwards on Haxby Road.   FirstYork buses (route 1) also pass the site.

site entrance plan

The planting site

Saplings awaiting planting

Volunteers from Portakabin Ltd

Frank Paterson (Rotary's project organiser) left, with Derek Utley from Woodland Trust

Rotarians Sheila and David

at work planting

Typical sapling

(photo courtesy Woodland Trust)

Rotarians and volunteers receiving a briefing from Derek Utley

...and in a few years' time?

Nov 28 planting 5a benenden tree planters Nov 28 planting 10

Volunteers from Benenden Healthcare

A further 400 trees!


The second planting on the site, also overseen by Derek Utley, from the Woodland Trust was carried out on March 27th by a team of Rotarians from York Rotary and two teams of volunteers from Nestlé, organised through York Cares.  We are extremely grateful for the support of the 14 Nestlé helpers who made such a difference.


Also present was the Lord Mayor, Cllr Keith Orrell, the Lady Mayoress Mrs Judith Orrell and local Councillor Carol Runciman, who all joined in - perhaps not quite dressed for the part, but their support was very much appreciated nonetheless.



Trees planting March 27  3 Trees planting March 27  2 Trees planting March 27  1 Trees planting March 27  4 Trees planting March 27  5

Rotarians and volunteers - and Civic Party - receiving some instruction from Derek Utley

The first group of volunteers from Nestlé, pictured with the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress and Cllr Carol Runciman

Rotarians Mike and Mark busy planting

York's Lord Mayor plants a tree sapling

June 2nd Family Picnic Photos


York_Rotary_logo_from 2020_ transparent View the Register

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